Additional Airsoft Equipment

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The must-have equipment to play Airsoft games are Airsoft firearms, protective eyewear and BBs. Many other additional equipment are required to play Airsoft games. Let’s have a look at the rules of the Airsoft game and the additional equipment needed. 

Basic Rules Of Airsoft

The basic rules about Airsoft games are as follows:

  • Wearing the mask is a must within the field.
  • The Honor system must be used when playing the Airsoft games. You should call your hits, and cheating in any form is not tolerated.
  • You should not fire until and unless you can see your targets. You should never fire blindly. 
  • If someone cheats, do not start an argument with that player, and you should call out the referee.
  • Physical contact, grappling, kicking are not allowed.
  • Do not use abusive or foul language or threaten someone.
  • You can only wear close-toed shoes.
  • You should not jump over any obstacle. A player is also not allowed to move or alter any obstacle.
  • When you get Hit, you must call it out loud so that other players come to know and do not reshoot you while you are leaving the field. You must walk to your team’s respawn area with your hands up after getting hit.
  • Make sure that your weapon is cleared of any ammunition; the magazine has been removed; you have put on your barrel sock and switched the gun to safety mode before entering the dead zone.
  • A referee has the final say in all matters. You must listen to referees on the field.
  • The use of real knives and firearms is prohibited.
  • Alcohol and drugs are illegal, and any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied permission to play.
  • Wearing facemasks and protective eyewear is a must while playing. In fact, other than players, the referee, organizers and admin staff are also required to wear face masks and eyewear. 
  • The magazine and ammunition must meet the limits set by the game organizers.
  • Players must not fire the weapons in the safe zone.
  • The indication to start the game or end it will only be given by game officials.
  • Players are not allowed to shoot opponent candidates who are not wearing facemasks.
  • Players should always avoid the infliction of unnecessary pain on other players.
  • Players who are dead cannot give any hint or clue to any player who is still playing the game.

Additional Equipment

The other additional equipment required for playing the Airsoft game is night vision devices.

  •  Night Vision Devices

The night vision devices are electro-optical instruments that provide exceptional visibility and precision. The latest technology devices are made with high-quality lenses and are durable and ergonomically designed. Other than the latest night vision devices, there are also Generation 2 and Generation 3 devices.

In a no-nonsense battle where the enemy is hidden in the dark and very hard to see, the players need night vision devices to help identify targets accurately and shoot with precision. 

The night vision devices include night vision binocular and monocular, night vision goggles, night vision sight and scopes and night vision accessories.

The night vision devices have features such as:

  1.  A completely adjustable electronic reticle that helps in precision shooting.
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. High-quality lens material
  4. The digital boresight functionality
  5. A wireless remote control

The control and adjustments of night vision devices are very easy to operate and provides precision and accuracy when aiming at targets while playing Airsoft games. 


Each and every player has to follow the rules of Airsoft games. The firearms and ammunition used by the players must meet the standards of the gaming arena and the game in general. The players can use additional equipment like night vision devices and other protective gears.