Airsoft Rules

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Like every game, Airsoft also has a set of rules and regulations to follow. The players must have a basic understanding of the rules to have a fair game. Let us have a look at the set of rules that govern the Airsoft games.

About Airsoft

Airsoft games are combat warfare and military simulation games. The opponent players eliminate each other by shooting each other with an Airsoft gun. 

Airsoft games also have rules and regulations that each player must abide by to ensure fair play.  

Basic Rules Of Airsoft

The basic rules of Airsoft are as follows:

Protective Gear

  •  Eye Protection – All players within the field are required to wear full seal eye goggles. Shooting glasses, mesh eyewear, sub-standard eyewear is not allowed.
  •  Face Protection- Everyone on the field must wear a full protection face mask, be it a player, referee, organizer or administrative staff.
  •  Body Protection- It is also advised to wear full-body protective gear. 


  • BBs made of metal are not allowed, and there are restrictions on the maximum weight of BBs. 
  • Players can only use Airsoft firearms. Real firearms are strictly prohibited on the field.
  • A referee must inspect all Airsoft guns before every match to ensure the firearms comply with the FPS requirements.
  • No guns should exceed the FPS limits that are set by the playing field.
  • When being transported on or from the field, a gun must be securely kept in a box or bag. 
  • Players using guns with an FPS of more than 400 are also required to carry a sidearm.


  • If the bullet hits a player’s body parts or the clothes, then the player must raise his/her hand and say “Hit” and should walk back to the respawn area of their team.
  • You cannot aim for any player’s head, but if you or any other player is hit in the head or the face, it is counted as hit.
  • If you and the opposing team player are in a range of 10 feet, you cannot shoot high FPS guns at each other. 
  • You cannot shoot with closed eyes.
  • Rebounds occur when a bullet hits an object and ricochets into a target; it does not count as direct hits.

Play Regulation

  • The referee or Game Moderator, or Game Marshall is in charge of the game, and all conflicts are to be resolved by him.
  • If anyone gets injured, the game comes to an end.
  • Physical contact, grappling, kicking, or punching are not allowed.

What Is Prohibited In Airsoft

A few things are prohibited in Airsoft games. These are as follows:

  • No real knives are allowed during the game. Players can only use training knives made up of rubber or plastic while playing.
  • As per federal law, all Airsoft guns must have an orange muzzle tip, and the guns that do not have an orange muzzle tip are not allowed on the field.
  • The use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited, and any person who is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol is not allowed to play.
  • Smoking is also prohibited on the field.


Though these rules are for most Airsoft gaming arenas, you should still read the rules posted at the gaming arena where you will play.