How To Choose The Best Airsoft Guns For Beginners

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Are you a beginner and need some help in selecting the right Airsoft gun for you? Newbies willing to enjoy an Airsoft game need a gun that has all the necessary features and is comfortable to use. 

This article discusses various types of Airsoft guns and what features you should look out for when buying an Airsoft gun.

About Airsoft

This recreational game is a team shooting game played with non-powdered guns. The Airsoft guns resemble real firearms and provide the players with a warfare experience.

Types Of Airsoft Arms

Many types of Airsoft guns are manufactured for Airsoft gun lovers. These guns can be categorized into three groups based on how they are powered. The three types of Airsoft guns are as follows:

  • Spring Powered Guns

These are also known as air-cocking guns. It is a single-shot device that needs to be cocked or pumped before every fire as spring is the only propellant in it. The most common types of spring-powered guns are snipers and pistols. Newbies should seriously consider the spring-powered models because they are easy to handle and play with.

  • Gas-Powered Guns

Gas-powered guns use CO2 or green gas cartridges. Gas guns are of three types non-blowback, gas blowback and gas sniper rifles. The CO2 or the gas lasts till the duration of the clip. You are required to refill both the gas and BBs before you fire again. Gas guns need more maintenance and lubrication in comparison to electric guns. Gas guns are a good option for beginners or intermediate players and are also used as a sidearm or secondary firearm by players. 

  • Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs)

These guns are the most common Airsoft guns. They are powerful and usually accurate. AEGs are powered by batteries. The electric guns utilize a hop system that allows an individual to lay down a consistent line of fire till the clip runs out. These guns are not only reliable but can be easily upgraded. Automatic electric guns are recommended for beginners and intermediate players.

What To Look At When Buying An Airsoft Gun

Following are the things you must consider when buying an Airsoft gun:

  • Muzzle Velocity

It is the speed at which the plastic pellets leave the barrel of an Airsoft gun. The velocity of the muzzle is measured in Feet Per Second (FPS). An FPS close to 400 is considered good enough to knock off a player from the opposite team.

  •  Grip

A poor grip will make your hands wobble and affect precision, comfort, accuracy, and stability. So grip is a crucial factor to consider while buying an Airsoft gun.

  •  Gun Material and Weight

Do not buy guns made up of poor quality plastic. Beginners should opt for guns made with polymer. Choose the weapon with the weight you can easily handle.

  •  Magazines

Look what type of magazine is used in the gun and how many rounds of magazines can the gun hold.


If you are a beginner in Airsoft games, then choose a gun that is easy to handle, reasonably priced and can be easily upgraded.